San Antonio Equine Photography | Diamond the Appaloosa

San Antonio Equine Photography | Diamond the Appaloosa

Diamond is an Appaloosa gelding. He currently lives at Firecreek Stables in Waller,TX. His sire is E Arrow Bonds Blue, and he was bred by Victor and Janice Mullen.

San Antonio Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography |

Diamond is a one of a kind horse. The minute I first met Robert and Diamond while I was photographing horses at Firecreek Stables I knew that the pair was perfect for this project. Diamond is a gorgeous Appaloosa with unique helicopter markings on both sides of his hips. Robert visits him 3 or 4 times a week to groom him and take care of him. Robert first bought diamond at 4 months old. At that time Robert’s granddaughter was taking horseback riding lessons and Diamond was living across the street. He would watch Diamond run and play with his mom and instantly fell in love.

Robert intended on riding him and eventually breeding him. They eventually had to geld Diamond after Robert had a series of three strokes. Hopefully in the near future Robert will be able to ride Diamond. Every time Robert visits he grooms him, walks him around, grazes him, and even bathes him.

Diamond loves his apple treats.

San Antonio Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.comRobert has always loved horses his entire life, and Diamond is his first horse. He says that diamond is his therapy and his best friend.

When Robert first had a stroke he was in Colorado, after being flown back to Texas on medical transport, he didn’t remember anything for 8 days. He was asked if he could remember anyone in the room or if he could speak and the first things that he spoke was that he had a horse, and of course a truck. He was unable to remember family members or items, but he sure didn’t forget his Diamond. This horse is special and has an incredible place in Robert’s life. It is safe to say that God put Diamond in his life for a very special reason. I am so happy that I could photograph this handsome Appaloosa Gelding and share this incredibly story with the world.

I am always amazed by the power horses have to change and save lives. I think this is truly one of those incredible stories.

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