building your business around your why 

Why do you do this? Why did you choose this somewhat crazy, absoulutely amazing career we call photography? 

are you ready to be profitable?

I want to help you find your "why" and build every aspect of your business around your "why" to help bring a whole new meaning to what you do...oh, and be profitable while doing it! 

with your WHY... Business Tune UP 6 weeks to 6 figures building your business
for profit

Start 2018 fresh.

Each year I start with a new set of goals, and a game plan for success. I look through the past year's successes, and the things that may not have been so successful...and most importantly I look at my income and what I need to do next year to grow. 

Join me for my first annual business tune up for 2018. 

This year's tune up is a 6 week long personalized experience featuring daily assignments to help you break down your business into small manageable chunks each day. 

We will talk about the most important item in your business, your "why" and we will work together to build on this to create a business model you will not only be profitable with, but you will also be passionate about. 

We will dive into your branding and goals for your business. Talk about income, yes, I said income. Actually making money with your business, and how to do that. We will talk about different pricing structures as well as set you up on a path to success with In Person Sales. 

We will wrap it alll up with how to get clients in your door, and cover both free and paid marketing opportunities. That's right, I said FREE marketing opportunities for your business.

During the 6 weeks, I will meet with each of you 4 times to go through your assignments and answer any questions to help you perfect your business and get it tuned up and ready to go for 2018. 

By the conclusion of our 6 weeks you should:

1. Know your "WHY" 

2. Have business goals for 2018

3. Perfect your brand

4. Solidify your pricing structure

5. Be ready to embark on In Person Sales 

6. Have a solid marketing plan 

7. Know how the way you shoot and edit impacts your business

Each participant will also gain access to a private Facebook group to ask questions throught the year, and you will have unlimited access to me during the 6 weeks to ask any quesitons you may have. 

Participants will be limited so that I have time to help each person individually through the process. To reserve your space email at at or call me at (832)598-8715

Week 1 starts January 1st. 

about Karinda

I began my business my senior year of college at Texas A&M University. I was unsure what exactly I wanted to do with my life and at the time I was offered a position photographing livestock for a livestock photography company. After a quick stent working for another company I quickly discovered that I wanted to really do this on my own.

I started out photographing Weddings, and eventually found my way into Newborns. I spend my first few years of business building my Designs by Karinda brand as a Wedding & Newborn photographer and even building my very own studio. After my wedding business really took off, I decided to branch out and brand it all on it's own, as Karinda K Weddings. 

After spending 5 years photographing both Weddings and Newborns I realized what was missing from my business, Horses. I finally launched Karinda K Equine Photography and am so incredibly excited to be back where it all started, and where my true passion lies. 

I have spent the past 5 years attending so many workshops, with photographers all over the country, absorbing every bit of information that I could. The best thing I did when I first started my business was a one on one business mentoring. It took my business to an entirely new level, and actually paid for itself after my first in person sales session with a client! 

I have had the amazing opportunity to learn from so many amazing photographers and educators including Erin Phillips, Julia Kelleher of Jewel Images, Work of Heart Photograhy, Katie Lamb, Kat Theis of Mustard Seed Photography, Julie Paisley Photography, Ashton Kelley Photography, Ashley Fisher Photography, Catherine Rhodes, Rachel Farner, and so many more that I have had the opportunity to learn from thanks to the power of the internet. 

I have been a part of many spectrums of the industry from Seniors, Weddings, Newborns, Families, Horses, and even high volume Dance Studio Photography over the years. 

Photography Business Mentoring