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Red, ORH Int’l Red Rambler is a nine year old chestnut/sorrel with a slight flaxen mane and tail. He has a handsome Roman nose with a big blaze. He has a half coronetband marking on his front right and a sock on his left hind. He was a accident but was foaled in Llano at Tyler Mangnus. Red lives with his owner, Catherine at Austin Equestrian Center.

Cedar Creek Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.com

Catherine explains, “Red is a gift, sometimes misunderstood by some around him Red is on his own mission in life with his me. Red can often be reactive around riders who are capable in life. What I mean is, Red for many years has worked with children and adults dealing anything from fear and confidence issues to full blown PTSD/Cerebral palsy/down syndrome/autism/etc. So right off the bat he is something special. Red and I work together to bring these individuals peace, confidence and love. It’s our life’s work. Red will not waste his time with someone he doesn’t feel like needs him in that deep way and will often give huge challenges to riders who do not fall into those categories. He just knows. Red also saved me, I got Red in a really difficult and lost time in my life and he and I have now worked with each other for seven years and I can honestly say he is my forever horse!”

Red currently rides in Classical Dressage. He has competed in and won championships in Western Dressage, horsemanship, trail and obstacle courses also. Catherine’s favorite thing about riding Red is that he will do anything she asks of him. They have been on some crazy rides and been in some scary situations. She has used him in search and rescue through scorching fields and flood torn creeks, and feels absolutely safe when she is with him.

Cedar Creek Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.comCatherine told me the story of how she met Red. “I found Red on two websites the same day and he was also sent to me by a friend via Facebook. I called immediately and set up a time to see him. I have a thing for red horses! It was pouring down rain the man had two broken legs from a stallion accident and the ground was so wet all we could do was see a scrawny two year old wading through the mud. I was sold! I have had Red just over seven years. Our horseiversary date is 2/6/2010. When I walked over to meet him he raised his big noble head and blew straight into my face his warm sweet breath and the layers his chin on me over the fence. I was in love!”

Catherine explains Red with the word “most” and in “most wonderful” and says he enjoys anything with carbs, but always prefers banana bread! The last two years Red has pulled out a Reserve Champion 2015 in Classical for the DSRP summer series (Penny Reeves, Graymar Farms) and this past year won Grand Champion in western Dressage. Catherine recommends to keep the playing field fair and open for your horse! Always keep a pack of unscented baby wipes, olive oil, vinegar (1/4 cup each) and whatever essential oil you like is the cheapest way to restore your forgotten leather. Thank your horse and tell them that they are good!

Catherine shares, “I began riding at age 4. I rode dressage for 3 years in Webberville on an Old schoolmaster, midnight who we bought. At 7 I switched gears and began riding at a local barn in south Austin. Using that as home base I rode in every barn available to me and competed in Show Jumping, eventing and barrel racing, what and interesting mix! While doing this I worked bathing and grooming horses and leased several horses. I ended up a working student at that farm in south Austin for years until I became and employee. I left for school and to begin my own training company. This journey lead me to NY and KY to train horses for sale in Texas. I then went back to my home barn to gather my thoughts, rest and prepare for my next leg of the adventure. It has lead me to where I am now and I wouldn’t change any of it. I now manage a beautiful facility and have access to top notch riders and trainers- it’s a dream come true while also being able to care for horses and teach which are my passions.”

Cedar Creek Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.com

Catherine finished with her favorite memory with Red. “In 2012 I took Red to my childhood neighborhood to ride him in the annual 4th of July parade. I rode him all though the neighborhood and he was a champ! The parade ends at the nursing home in the neighborhood. The whole parade gathering then walks through the nursing home singing to bring residents outside to join in with the festivities. We had Red in the front yard and a team of people helping individuals come say hello. Expressions lit up on the residents faces, enough to send you into happy tears. Then a woman approached me and asked if we could make room for her father to come see the horse. She told a beautiful story about her father as a young cavalry man and that his heart had just not been the same since he was placed in homes and didn’t have horses. He was very low mobility had to be carried and lifted and was non verbal. They brought his wheelchair out and as they turned towards Red and I the man’s eyes began to gleam and you could see his face light up with warmth and recognition. He smiled and his daughter began to cry. He feebly reached his hand and Red bowed down to him gently grazed his muzzle over the man’s hands. In a flash the man grabbed hold of Red’s halter and we all jumped expecting the normal reaction when a horse is grabbed suddenly. Instead of pulling back Red quietly moved in closer. He laid his head against the mans chest and then slowly, while he still held the halter Red began to lift up and quietly rose until the man was standing and leaning his entire body weight on that halter nose band. You could’ve heard a pin drop. The man laid his body against Red’s head for probably no more than a minute but if felt like a slow motion never ending moment. It was so beautiful and so amazing. This is why I do what I do and why this horse is so so incredible. We have been invited to many nursing homes and have been to quite a few but never has anything happened that can pass this memory.”

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