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Rain, Rainbow Connections, is an Arabian Mare that lives at her owner’s farm, Janine, in Helotes, TX. She is very motherly and the queen of the barn.

Rain is a pleasing mare with very nice gaits and listens very well to cues. She is known to show off all of her moves. She is a very caring horse and is used for a therapeutic program where she takes care of the children and is cautious. She absolutely loves carrots and is explained by her owner as “incredible.” Rain was a rescue horse, she was found with a herd of about twenty other horses who were owned by a gentleman who scouted out empty fields, took his horses there and had them graze until he found another lot. He would then load them up onto a trailer bed fenced with PVC piping and drive to the new location. Rain was only two years old at the time when this was happening to her, animal control officers eventually caught the man and arrested him and then put all of the horses up for adoption, but before the horse went to their new homes, the stallions were gelded and the mares were checked for any pregnancies, but because Rain was only two they did not check her thinking she was too young to get pregnant. Janine got her when she was two, and Rain turned out to be pregnant and had a miscarriage because she could not support a foal and that was when Rain and Janine grew a bond. Janine has had Rain for about 24 years. Janine met a scared little filly who had been through so much as a foal but turned out to be one of the best horses Janine has had.

Janine started riding when she was little, on her childhood appaloosa, Lighting, and she continued to ride at various barns and worked at Arabian facilities and other dressage facilities until she established her own. She has had horses pretty much all of her life. She loves being able to work with them and see how much they change with the different riders and who they attach too and how they grow with her and them. Her favorite memory with Rain is when she had her foal, Gracie. She has transformed into such a caring and loving mare!

 “She loves children and looks after them as if they were her own, she is one of the best lesson horses and is an absolute doll to work with!”

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