When you fall in love with your first horse, it is a memory you can never escape. The moment you kissed their velvety soft nose, wrapped your arms around their powerful neck, the same moment you gave away a piece of your heart to something you didn't truly understand. 

Your life has CHANGED FOREVER…

Looking back I can remember some of the big moments like they were yesterday, the first moment I saw Rocky, what it was like to ride him for the very first time, the joy I felt when he finally arrived at the barn and I could say he was mine. I wish that I could look back and remember every little moment, from learning how to catch him from his pasture, to all of the time spent in the wash stall with that big old tub of Orvus, and even the times when he decided he was still indeed a race horse and would run as hard as he could until I decided I couldn't hold on any more. Oh, what I would give to be able to turn back time and go right back to those very moments. 


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Texas Equine Photographer

Karinda K Equine Photography specializes in Fine Art Black Background Equine Portraits, Horse and Rider Portrait Sessions, and Day at the Farm Sessions. Karinda Kinsler first discovered her love for horses in sixth grade when her best friend first took her to the barn she rode at in Cypress,TX. After just a few visits she begged and begged for a few horse riding lessons, and the rest was history. Karinda and Her Husband now live in Montgomery,TX  with their three horses Tavi, Lucy, and Calypso. Karinda travels around Texas photographing horses, she also makes an annual trip each year to photograph horses in California, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Georgia, Washington, Ohio, and Maryland. Karinda K Equine Photography is known for their 365 Days of Horses project that shares one horse and their unique story on their blog each day.

Karinda K Equine Photography is a Texas equine photographer located in Montgomery,TX. Karinda creates timeless portraits of you with your beloved horses, and other farm animals. Serving locally Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas communities. KEP also serves Seattle and Olympia, Washington, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, Wellington and Ocala, Florida, Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky, Aiken, South Carolina, Tryon, North Carolina, and Norco, San Francisco, Woodside, and Del Mar California and their surrounding communities.