Texas Equine Photographer | Spot the Paint Gelding

Texas Equine Photographer | Spot the Paint Gelding

Spot, Prince RW Windchester, is a Paint Gelding bred by Baum’s Hill Top Farm in Clinton, Illinois. This registered paint, has a whirlwind of a story surrounding his mysterious past. His story is perfect for 365 Days of Horses. 
Texas Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.com

So I mentioned that Spot has a pretty crazy story regarding his past. After some research his owner, Renee, discovered that he has been bred for a petting zoo. His dam actually lived at the petting zoo and they had bred the mare to a paint stallion because they wanted a flashy paint baby. Spot is actually a registered paint horse, but unfortunately has no papers to prove it. After being stolen from his second owner, the owner gave up hope and shredded his papers. The person that stole the horse shipping him down to Texas, where he changed hands a couple of more times before Renee found him. When purchasing Spot, Renee went as far as to hire an attorney to make sure she was being protected after hearing of his rocky past life.

Texas Equine Photography Black Background Renee says, “He is very much a one person animal. It took a long time to earn his confidence. Once I was able to crack that shell, he is the sweetest thing… Spooky but sweet!” I imagine after being passed around so many times it would cause a horse to lose his ability to trust, and Spot is lucky to have found his forever home in Corpus Christi.

Renee rides Spot 3-4 times a week, she started out with dressage to help him overcome his bad habits from the past. Although she says he is “unconventional for dressage, he loves his work! They have gone from not being able to saddle or bridle him to doing first level movements.

Texas Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.comHere is a little story about when the two of them first met, “I had 3 people tell me I should go look at him, he was perfect for me. The first meeting he was tearing around his paddock with his ears pinned and tail straight in the air. The owner at the time was calling “Spot, here Spot” it didn’t work. We had to pin him in his stall and I was thinking why in the hell would I want this horse!?!”

This sometimes complex guy, will eat just about anything and everything you put in front of him.

Renee raves that, “All of his awesome accomplishment have been done in a back yard arena with no one but me around. Never the less they where huge for the two of us! The lastest was hiscounter canter loop on the left lead without switching!”Texas Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.com

Renee’s best kept secret is Cowboy Magic yellow remover to keep his tail white.

“The best thing is starting off my morning waking him up for breakfast. He’s so cuddly with squinty eyes, give him kisses on his ears before I begin my day.”

If you loved reading Spot’s story on 365 Days of Horses, make sure you apply for your horse to be a part of the project.

Texas Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.com

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