Texas Equine Photographer | Freya the Hippotherapy Horse

TEXAS EQUINE PHOTOGRAPHER | Freya the Hippotherapy Horse

Freya is a Golden chestnut with flaxen mane and tale that lives at RED Arena and is trained by Kristi Reavis. Freya was originally found by Kristi and brought to Red Arena to be a part of their Hippotherapy program, and they have owned her for a year and a half.

Texas Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.com
Freya is an open book, you can read all of her emotions on her face. Some days that means tired, some days that means sassy, other days that means cheerful. Freya has a beautiful long white mane and tail, and is a favorite of our younger lady riders. Freya has very expressive eyes and lips, and will smile frequently. Freya is obsessed with a certain water trough on the property (we call it her Fiji water) and will stop and stare longingly in protest after her riders mount if she hasn’t gotten the opportunity to drink from it yet.
Freya does many English lessons, but is a jack of all trades. She can trail ride, go western, and even jump some logs. In her former life, she was cart trained and driven in a team or attached to a plow to work the fields at a working farm. Freya works part time as a Hippotherapy horse and part time as a therapeutic lesson horse. She eats any kind of treat you give her and is explained as “energetic.”
Freya is so wonderful with the RED Arena’s younger riders, and of their favorite stories about her is when their trainer first went to meet her. Freya used to live at Sand Creek Farm in Cameron, Texas, and formerly went by the name of Reba. When their trainer arrived to meet her for the first time, she was greeted with the site of several young girls doting on her – one laying over her hindquarters braiding her tail, one scrambling up her barrel to brush her mane…right then and there, she knew she had the personality to make it as a therapy horse. Since then, Freya has tolerated many young girls standing where they shouldn’t, brushing her mane, and braiding her tail.
Texas Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.com

Texas Equine Photographer | Karinda K Texas Equine Photography | equine.karindak.com

Karinda K Equine Photography is a Texas equine photographer located in Montgomery, TX. Karinda creates timeless portraits of you with your beloved horses, and other farm animals. Serving locally Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas communities. KEP also serves Wellington and Ocala, Florida, Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky, Aiken, South Carolina, Tryon, North Carolina, and Norco and Woodside, California and their surrounding communities.

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