International Equine Photographer | Horse & Rider Portraits in the Snow

I jumped at my first opportunity to head out into the Missouri snow for some Horse & Rider portraits in the snow. Growing up in Texas, snow is a novelty and something that has been on my bucket list for some time now. I set out with my gear and a bag full of dresses for the girls at the barn to wear. Norell just so happened to show up for evening chores a little early, and we had just finished up with Chelsea & George’s portraits. Norell was all bundles up in coveralls, a few jackets, a beanie, and gloves and when she walked in and saw the excitement and gold dress, she eagerly ran to the bathroom and transformed in a matter of minutes.

Dean is quite the character, and typically gets turned out in the pasture we headed out to take pictures in, so as you can imagine he was very excited to be outside and thought it was time to go run and play. We made it down into the ravine to get out of some of the wind, and grabbed Dean’s blanket and Norell’s jacket off so that we could get started with pictures! I think at this point in time the wind chill was probably down into the teens so we were super careful to not stay out too long, and avoid things like frostbite. I think it’s safe to say the risk for potential frostbite was so worth it, and I absolutely adore these magical pictures of this pair in the Snow.

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