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Milagro, Hickory Creek, is a 22 year old bay thoroughbred by Afleet (Canadian horse of the year), grandson of Mr. Prospector, and grandson Secretariat. He was bred by James Herbener in Lexington, KY.

Milagro has a white hind sock and a star and stripe on their face. His owner, Lauren, keeps him at Timberghost Stables and trains with Amy Denny. Lauren rescued him 8 years ago, they fell in love at first sight. She didn’t know if he was rideable at the time and didn’t care. However, since then they have had many years of riding and adventures. He is known for his sweet loving personality. He is a pocket horse, that prefers the company of humans to horses. He is the love of Lauren’s life! The pair started out Western as that is Lauren’s background, and after several years switched to dressage. Lauren shares that every time she settles into the saddle, there is an incredible sense of peace that comes over Lauren.

Lauren started riding at 8, and did timed events in Western and rode until 16 at which time she lost her favorite horse due to colic. She was heartbroken and decided to take a break. The break lasted til she was 50 and her kids were almost grown. Then, Lauren met this guy and he changed her life. Lauren also has a young thoroughbred, Stevie Ray, that she adopted from the Makers Mark Secretariat Center in Lexington. Milagro is now 22 but completely sound and gorgeous! They still ride 4-5 times a week as this is her life from now on!

Lauren says, “The 1st time we met was Memorial Weekend 2008, and he still had half of his winter coat. There was no one to groom him as he had been abandoned by his then owner. I put my hands on his back and there was an instant chemistry. That instant is something I will always remember as we both knew it was fate and destiny!”

She continues, “When we started riding, I needed to get him in shape as he needed muscle tone so we rode every day out to a white limestone dirt bike track which was little used. We ran up and down hills for months at that track! The grace and agility of this guy took my breath away and his trust! Wow! Will never forget those times when we were both like little kids playing in a sandpit! He trusts me like no other and I am so honored every day! Oh and the muscles and strength he built, so many think he is a quarter horse even today! We have done many things such as competitive trail riding and schooling shows and dressage. I’m afraid I am the one that has held him back from greatness due to my inabilities in dressage!”

If Lauren could sum up Milagro in one word it would be, “grateful.” She also said that Milagro loves peppermint Stud Muffins and carrots! Lauren finally shares one of her tips to keep her horses looking their best, “I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to grooming, so I use Vetrolin Shine, Royal Equus Mane and Tail Detangler (it’s the best and smells great). I also use coat conditioner.”

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