Equestrian Style with Andrea of Horse Glam | Bomber Jacket Inspired Equestrian Look

For the first week of What to Wear Wednesday I am super excited to feature the ever so amazing Andrea from Horse Glam. I came across her Instagram Page and loved her fresh take on Equestrian style. Not only is it practical and oh so comfortable looking, but she is sure to turn heads wherever she goes from both equestrians, and non equestrians. I asked her to share one of her favorite Equestrian Looks for this week’s blog. I am constantly swooning at the fabulous inspiration over on her page, and her post on Super Bowl Sunday has me over the moon, seriously, go check it out, I know you will love it too.

Photos of Andrea courtesy of Shannen Smyth Photography

Andrea shares, “The simple phrase “what to wear?” is often times accompanied with feelings of dread and anxiety. These 3 little words can send us into a frantic online shopping spree in the search for the perfect outfit. This does not have to be the case, I promise!”

Andrea’s first bit of wisdom already eased my mind a little, and I hope it will ease yours as well. I know that when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for pictures with your horse that often times the whole process of finding clothes to wear can be downright terrifying! This is why I try to keep a select closet full of clothes just for clients to use so that hopefully I can make things a little easier on them.

“One of my goals with Horse Glam is to show my friends that 90% of the time we can make do with what is in our closet. It is amazing what you can put together with pieces that you already own. I am also a huge proponent of being comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable in your heels or a tight fitting shirt, not only is it physically distracting, but it is impossible to feel confident and I truly believe that self-confidence is always the best outfit.”

Yet, again, my inner photographer self is beaming with joy. Have I mentioned that Andrea is a genius?! It is so important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing because it is paramount to feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear as well as confident.

“For almost all my outfits, I start with one item that I really want to wear and then build upon that. I had just received a bomber jacket by MaKeBe, from a new equestrian retailer called Kaval, and I was dying to wear it. So, for this outfit, it all started with the bomber. I also knew that I wanted to be warm (i.e., comfortable!) and since the bomber is light-medium weight, I needed to pair it with long sleeves. The bomber jacket has this fabulous red striping on the sleeves and waist that deserved to be seen so I wanted to look for a shirt that highlighted the vibrant red. As I was digging through my closet, I saw one of my favorite flannels from J.Crew Factory. Extra cozy and red – it was perfect! I love showcasing our equestrian clothing as streetwear, so pairing the look with breeches was a no brainer for me. I decided to go with my black LeFash breeches with the vintage tan knee patches because I thought the black/tan would tie all the colors together and help make the bomber jacket pop. I finished the look off with my Vince sneakers because … comfort! I typically wear belts, but I love the gold detailing on the LeFash breeches and I didn’t want to cover those gold buttons up!”

“The best thing about this outfit is that by just swapping out the flannel for something sleeveless and a bit more sexy, and throwing some jewelry on, you instantly have an outfit you can wear out to dinner and drinks with your friends. For this second look, I used an old silky sleeveless shirt from Express and added jewelry by AtelierCG, to keep with the equestrian theme, but also be on trend. Add nude heels if you are feeling it! Direct links to each item provided below. Happy outfit planning! xoxo, HG”

Thank you Andrea for sharing one of your favorite looks with us for our followers! I can not wait to see what all of you do with this look! If this look inspired you and you create your own look based on this make sure you share on IG and tag both @365DaysofHorses and @Horse_Glam so that we can see the magic you create!


PS. You can find so many more amazing Equestrian Looks and one convenient place to shop all of Andrea’s favorite Equestrian looks over on her website.

Want to purchase this look?!

MaKeBe “Jessie” Bomber – Dark Green

LeFash “Gotham City” Breech – Black/Tan

J.Crew Factory “Ruffle-Front Plaid” Shirt

Express Zip Front Tank

AtelierCG “FJORD” Necklace

Vince “Blair 5” Fashion Sneaker

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