living with passion

You know that little girl that was crazy about her horses her entire life?! The one that grew up with ponies on everything and dreamed of one day having her very own pony? Well, that wasn’t quite me.

I will never forget meeting my soon to be best friend on the first day of 6th grade, I remember thinking to myself “This girl is crazy, she is obsessed with her horse. That is all she talks about, she has pictures of him everywhere..oh and I can’t forget the color Purple too, that was EVERYWHERE.”

Little did I know that after a few months of being friends with this horse crazy girl, Melanie, I would soon become just like her. I remember the first time she drug me out to the barn. I remember sitting up late at night when we had sleep overs trying to make a chore list our parents would pay us for so that we could buy myself a horse. I remember the day my mom finally said “YES!” to letting me take lessons. I remember how Melanie bought me my very first set of horse things and even let me keep them in her tack box at the barn. To this day I still have that purple grooming tub she bought me and some of those brushes.

The day my parents said they would buy me my first horse was the day my life forever changed. Obsidian or as we called him Rocky was my first love. He was the sweetest Thoroughbred Hunter, but he did never quite get over his love of running like a race horse. Endless days spent out at the barn during the summer just hanging out with my best friends and sometimes even cleaning the big giant pile of tack were truly unforgettable.

As I grew up I fell in love with Dressage. After High School I decided that I would go on to college and pursue my love of horses at Texas A&M. I majored in Animal Science and absolutely was in love with my degree, because lets be honest it is the best degree in the world. While in college  I was a member of the Texas A&M Horse Judging Team. I had an amazing honor of competing in a number of national horse judging contests including the AQHA Worlds, NRBC, National Reining Horse Futurity, Morgan Horse Grand Nationals, and the Arabian Nationals. While in college I was also able to ride with Fran Dearing of Windy Knoll Farm in Magnolia,TX.

After college I married my High School Sweetheart, Austin. He is the most handsome bearded man in the entire world. We said our I do’s in November of 2013. We live in Springfield, MO with our two dogs Paisley & Kodak, and our horses Tavi, Lucy, and Lucy’s foal Calypso.


Tavi is my old guy, a Trakehner through and through. I have had him since I was in 8th grade, he is now 26 years old. He was my first “dressage horse”. He was a bit of a wild man in his day and taught me so much about being a strong and confident rider.


Lucy is our little Oldenberg, I still consider her my little girl because we bought her has a 2 year old. My Mom actually purchased her in the Silent Auction at the Pink Oak Horse Show. She is a mare through and through, and uses it to her full advantage. 


We just welcomed Lucy’s foal Calypso into this world in May. Calypso is out of Supremat OLD who lives right down the road at Isabella Farms. I am so excited to see where this journey takes us with our first foal, and can not wait to make this filly into my very own dressage horse.


Paisley is pretty much the best dog ever. Well, after she turned 4 and realized she wasnt a puppy anymore so she didnt need to act like one 24/7. She is your typical Boxer. Loves to snuggle, thinks she is really a lap dog, oh and I am really convinced she doesn't know that she isn't really a person. 


Kodak is our not so mini, Mini Aussie. He prefers his name around the house of "little shit" because most of the time that fits his state of mind. I don't think Kodak knows how to sleep, or lay down, or do anything other than run in circles like a mad man most days, but in the rare instance he stops going..he is a good snuggler. 

My Philosophy

I believe that…

The bond between horse and rider is one of the strongest bonds known to mankind

Your first horse will always hold on to a special piece of your heart

Our greatest successes as equestrians should not only be celebrated, but they should be documented

Every little girl remembers that feeling of the first time they sat on a horse, the first time they fell in love with a horse, the first time that they succeeded, and the first time they we grow older and life gets crazier it is so easy to not cherish those same moments

Those moments, are there, and should be cherished. Those moments should be remembered

I have the ability to freeze those moments, to give you the ability to transport you back into that very second in your life, and to re-live those very same feelings and emotions

Horses, are big, yet fragile animals. It is so important to cherish every single moment we get to spend with them

The best friends, are barn friends

Barn friends, are more like family