365 Days of Horses

what is it?
365 Days of Horses is a personal project that I dreamt up while visiting Lexington Kentucky this past summer. I have this BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) to photograph 365 horses this year and curate this entire project into a daily blog where I feature one horse each day. Each and every horse is so unique and each and every one of them has such a special story. I want to tell their story with a classic portrait that shows their beauty and strength and share their story and what makes them special with the world. I want to create 365 beautiful pieces of art this year of the most magnificent thing there is, horses.
what does this mean for you?
You are probably wondering what exactly this means for you, well this means you have a chance to apply to be a part of this project. If your horse is selected for the project you will receive a Black Background Portrait Session of your horse free of charge. Each horse will be personally selected by me for this project, I am looking for horses of all different background, breeds, and disciplines to be a part of this project. Each horse that is selected to be featured will receive a Black Background Portrait Session of their horse at their facility as well as a blog post feature on our website.


your questions answered

How do I apply to be a part of the project?

Please submit the application on my website.

How far will you travel?

 I will travel within 90 miles of Houston,TX at any time through the year. I will also be scheduling dates to travel to various areas in Texas and outside of Texas through the year. I will update my website with travel dates through the year. 

Dallas-October of 2016 // Florida-January of 2017 // California-May of 2017 // Kentucky-June of 2017

More Locations TBD

What are the requirements to be a part of the project? 

 First of all, it’s important that you own  or lease a horse..because after all this is 365 days of horses. The next requirement is that you have a barn with an aisle way at the facility where you keep your horse, or have access to haul your horse to a barn. I also ask that you are at the facility when I arrive with your horse completely groomed and ready for pictures. I will provide some tips and tricks to ensure that your horses are ready for their portrait to be made. I also will ask that each horse owner fills out a questionnaire about their horse, this will provide me with information to share in their personalized blog post for you to share with friends and family.

Will I be able to purchase the pictures that you take? 

Yes! Each session will last around 15-20 minutes depending on the horse and most horses will have anywhere from 10-20 final images in their gallery. Each owner will set up a time for an Online Meeting where I will personally reveal their images to them. This is a super fun experience for each owner and also a great time where I will get to hear more about them and their horses to help me in creating each horses blog post. All products that are available to my clients will be available for each owner ranging from Canvas Gallery Wraps, Mounted Prints, Framed Wall Art, Albums, and Digital Files. Each owner will also be able to submit images of the walls of their home so that they can actually see their horses images on their walls.