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Shiloh is a 2 year old champagne, buckskin Quarter Horse bred by Rinda at Comet Ranch in North Dakota. Comet Ranch has been raising Foundation Quarter Horses for 20 years. The owner is a founding member of the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association.

Kirsti, Shiloh’s owner, keeps Shiloh at home and she trains him. He is a very nice easy going little colt. Very gentle and kind, he may not be old enough yet to start under saddle but he is starting with learning tricks. He is currently learning to lay down, and retrieve the frisbee, he also is learning to ground drive and is doing liberty training. Kristi loves this little colt’s desire to be with his people and his love for work.

Kristi is a phenomenal trainer and also works with the horses at Red Arena including some of the horses you have already seen on 365 Days of Horses this year including Hans and Maggie, two of my favorite Fjord Horses.

This “kind” boy will eat just about anything you give to him.

“I found Shiloh when he was 6 months old at an auction is East Texas. There were 2 little colts soaking wet and very sick. I liked his build and easy going demeanor. So I bought him for next to nothing and brought him home. He has was very sick and it took about 7 weeks to get him feeling better. When Shiloh was about 1 I started tying him to my trailer next to his favorite mare at my place. Now I say ‘tie’ I really mean loop the lead through the ring and let it just hang. The mare stood quite like normal and Shiloh wanted to be right next to her almost touching. She kept giving him the ugly face to step out of her space, she even threatened to kick him and still, he would not move. So the mare pointed her butt at him and literally pushed him back to where he was supposed to stand. He took it very well and from that point on has been great at being tied.”

Kirsti shares, “I was lucky to have grandparents that had a large ranch. I grew up riding the best little Shetland pony in the world. I could be fearless on him and he always took care of me. I love seeing them develop both mentally and physically. I think the most important thing I try to remember is that it’s the journey with them that is important and so you must take your time and adapt to each one’s personality.”

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