365 Days of Horses | Oliver | Cypress, TX


Oliver, Ollie, is a 15 year old Palomino Pony that is on loan to Chloe and is currently living with Angela and her family at their home in Cypress.

Chloe’s mom says, “He was born to love little girls. Ollie is a goofball. He makes it known that he’s a pony. He tolerates adults because he loves kids. Ollie is on loan to our family through Sally Elliot. He was originally bought for a little girl and now that she’s grown, he was in need of a job. He has been used for lessons at Firecreek Stables and Chloe started riding him when she turned 6. They bonded and became a pretty awesome team. He came to live with us so he could be out in the pasture with some horse friends and under Chloe’s watch. Ollie will do anything for Chloe – but not for her parents. He takes amazing care of her when they ride. He has a tendency to do a full body shake in the middle of riding, which used to scare Chloe but now it’s expected and she giggles as he gives her a good rustling.”

Chloe’s mom continues, “I grew up with horses and am fortunate to provide the same for my kids. I love how the horses know that kids are kids and they are so different and patient and careful with them. They will give adults a good test and then turn around and babysit the kids without blinking. I love that they teach responsibility and thought and care. Ollie is being ridden Western as Chloe learns to ride. He seems to like little trips and will probably be out on the trails soon. Ollie has taught Chloe a lot about taking care of a horse and riding. They make a great team and they go off and get lost in their little world. Ollie has been with us for about 6 months. Chloe rode him for lessons and then we told her that she was going to get to take him home. His original family still owns him, but he needed a little girl to love him again and he has found a second home with us.”

Ollie takes good care of Chloe but he’s not sure about dogs. Chloe’s mom told me, one night, Chloe was riding him along an arena wall when some dogs came running past outside the arena and scared Ollie. He spooked and jumped about 3 feet to the side. Chloe wasn’t ready and she fell. She probably didn’t expect him to move like that! She hit the ground and as soon as Ollie realized that he’d lost her, he went back for her like, “Hey! I was trying to save us from the dogs! What are you doing down there?” She, of course, cried. She was scared more than hurt, but as soon as she realized that Ollie was waiting for her, she tearfully gave him a hug and said, “I’m sorry, Ollie. I know it wasn’t your fault,” and then turned and said, “I love this pony.” She got back on and they rode like champs the rest of the night.

The best word to describe Ollie is “goofy.” His favorite treats are carrots, carrots, and more carrots! However, he will eat anything you give to him!

Chloe’s mom says that her best tip for owning horses is to try and think before you act and to always use pressure and not pain.


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