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Fish is an 18 year old Selle Frances Trakehner Cross that lives the plush retirement life at Katalyst Sporthorses where he gets spoiled by all of his fans and his mom Crystal.

Fish is one of the elite old guys that live at Katalyst Sport Horses, well I take that back, he isn’t really that old but he is retired due to an injury. He is owned and adored by Crystal, who also owns Mint that we featured on 365 Days of Horses a couple of months ago…oh and if you scroll to the bottom you will get to see another one of their siblings! He enjoys his afternoons basking in the sun and taking a good afternoon nap, when he is not being bothered by his pasture mate.

His owner Crystal has owned horses her entire life, she started riding at just 5 years old and has been hooked ever since. Crystal loves spending time at the barn and one of her favorite things about horses is how much they can teach you, but also how you have the ability to influence them and teach them as well.

“Fish and I have a little bit of a Disney love story. I met him when he was 3 days olds and I was 10. There had been 3 babies born that year, but Fish immediately caught my eye with his sweet personality and these legs that were far to long for his body. He was so sassy and spunky, but always sweet! Fast forward a few years and I was ready to leave the pony divisions and was looking for my first horse. I was really hoping to get something more experienced as I had always had the much cheaper green horses. I didn’t even want to look at something young. My former trainer invited me out to the barn to try some horses that he had for sale, the just-turned-3 Fish being one of them. I was very adamant that I would NOT be getting a baby. Nope. Not this time. But I hadn’t found anything that I wanted there, so before we left my Grandpa (who is super non-horsey) said why don’t you just try him out? If you don’t like him then it’s just another ride on a good horse. So I got him out and tacked him up. He was gorgeous. Still all legs and immature body but he shone like a new penny and was just so sweet. I climbed on and within 5 minutes I knew he was mine. I looked at my grandparents and said he’s the one. The rest is history.”

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