365 Days of Horses | Charlotte Grace | Richmond, TX


Charlotte Grace is a 16 year old Belgian Draft Palamino with a white strip and beautiful long lashes that lives at Baker Funny Farm in Richmond, TX.

Charlotte Grace was rescued two years ago by Deana from a kill pen in Oklahoma. Charlotte was  300 lbs underweight, very sick and depressed. She arrived with a broken heart and was immediately put on antibiotics along with lots of hugs and groceries. Deana said, the day they decided that they were okay with each other, and became best buds was a perfect day!

Charlotte Grace has a crazy little quirk of sucking her tongue after she eats. She just stands with her head hung low sucking and slurping on her tongue. It’s hilarious and precious. She is amazing as hugs and loves carrots, apples, and peppermints equally.

Miss Charlotte even made it a point to show off her tongue sucking skills during her session, which as a matter of fact led to one of my all time favorite images of Charlotte’s droopy little lip hanging down by her feet. It really is one of those one of a kind pictures.

The best word to describe Charlotte Grace is “love” as that is all she needed to come around to you.

Deana shares, always remember that rescue horses are always available. If you’re not concerned with papers or a name, these horses are happy to try new things and will be so grateful for a safe place to call home! Deana’s farm is full of some of the sweetest horses I have met and mostly all of them are rescues. It truly is amazing to see these animals loving and trusting again.

Charlotte’s owner shares, “I loved and rode horses as a kid but had a bad accident when I was 18. I was really injured and was terrified to get back on a horse again. God had another plan I guess because I married a horse man and found myself living with a herd in the backyard and having to learn to ride again and get over my fears. We have been together for almost 8 years so I guess that’s how long I have had horses in my life constantly. My favorite thing about owning them is the calm and peace they bring! If I am sad or grumpy or just having a blah day, I head out to the barn for some horse hugs and find myself feeling much better. Horses are magical animals and bring happiness to any bad day.”

Deana normally only rides Charlotte Grace for very short periods of time as she usually just stops and lets Deana know her ride is over. So she hops off and gives her a hug and lets her go.

Dean has learned over the years that Equus Survivor (or what she refers to as “magic goo”) detangler gets tangles or stickers in their tails or manes out in seconds! I bet this is a life saver with some of her big ones when they come in from being rescued, especially these Belgians with all of their hair.




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