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Caliente is a gray 9 year old double bred Holsteiner with Capitol on her Sire’s side. Caliente lives at Oldenbroek Tabor Sporthorses and the pair trains with both Eva Oldenbroek and Joshua Tabor.

Caliente is special in every way possible and definitely lives up to her name. She is a spicy little mare with a lot of spunk! Great things come in small packages. This mare constantly cracks Ashley up as she is a hot little mare with a lot of personality! She insists on being turned out and will let everyone know that she’s upset if she doesn’t get outside to play! She loves to passage out to the pasture and even does the most playful and cute little squeal all the way to turn out.

Ashley explains how she found Caliente, “I found her online when I had just moved to Texas. I’m originally from Canada and had moved to the hill country to work for Big springs ranch for children, as a riding instructor and to run the riding program. I wanted to get back into dressage and show jumping so I started researching barns and horses for lease. I am a sucker for grays so when I saw her sales video I immediately fell in love watching that spicy little mare fly over some big jumps! I had to meet her and try her out! I loved her the second I saw her in her stall! She is so kind, sociable and friendly so I immediately loved her attitude and non-mare-ish qualities! I ended up doing a lease to purchase option with her as I loved riding her. We had a very successful first show season (her dressage debut) and we ended up qualifying for both regionals and nationals that year. I also had some fun in the jumper ring, with lots of clear rounds and placing third in my first ever 1.05m jumper money class! Needless to say after that fun and successful show season we purchased her!”

Ashley shared a bit about Caliente’s riding ability, “Caliente is quite the versatile little athlete, she started her career as a showjumper and was jumping 1.40 in Europe. She was successfully shown as a showjumper here in the USA with my friend and assistant trainer at Oldenbroek Tabor Sporthorses, Kate Severson and then once I purchased her I showed her in both showjumping and dressage. I love Caliente’s quirky attitude and her huge heart! She is like a little energizer bunny, she never gives up and she always tries so hard! She has an amazing work ethic with a touch of hotness and attitude, which is what I love about her.”

She continues, “Caliente is a superstar! She has excelled at both jumpers and dressage. In her first year in the dressage world, she qualified for both regionals and nationals and even scored a ten for her final center line halt! That is a proud moment because when we first started training dressage she would not halt! I have earned both my bronze and silver on Caliente, which is awesome because when I purchased her the goal was to potentially get her to Prix St. George! Caliente has far exceeded that goal and is schooling piaffe and her one tempis in less than three years if dressage! My most recent favorite memory is working Caliente’s 1 tempis for the first time! Eva Oldenbroek was teaching me and she said ok let’s try her 1’s today! I’m always game so I said ok! Well Eva just wanted me to get two in a row and after Caliente offered them so willingly, I thought well might as well wing it and see if she’ll give me more! She gave me 8 clean 1 tempis! It was amazing and such a proud moment when I look back at how far this spicy little jumper mare has come!

Ashley has been riding horses since she was 5 years old and has been hooked ever since. Her mom was the one who got her sister and her into horse back riding and she insisted they learn Dressage so that they had a solid foundation in riding! She has owned horses since she was 9 years old, and has done vaulting, shown in showjumping, eventing, dressage and is now playing polo on a team with Camp Stewart and the San Antonio Polo Club! Horses are a very expensive passion but in the end,  she says, they are worth every penny! No other animal can bring her so much joy, laughter, and fun! A horse is so much more than a pet, they are your partner, your friend and an athlete that helps you accomplish your goals! She loves the quote that says: “some horses will test you, some will teach you and some will bring out the best in you.” She actually thinks all horses have a lot to teach us and if we are willing it can to help us grow and learn, we have to be willing to listen, be patient and remain humble!

Ashley shares that, WD40 works wonders on horses matted tails! She’s tried it and it works quite well! As for training, she suggests trying to remain open minded, teachable and willing to learn! Never give up! There were times she doubted Caliente’s ability in the dressage ring and she has blown her out of the water with her athleticism and willingness! A horse with a good mind, willing attitude, and great heart are worth their weight in gold!

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